Our services


Strategic decisions are always of vital importance. Bauf & Partner are keen to provide helpful thoughts and ideas and get right alongside you throughout the implementation phase.


Under the heading ‘Market’ we include all activities that directly increase an enterprise’s revenue. Marketing solutions or the establishment of new sales channels both at home and abroad are key elements of this service.


Modern financial management is a crucial component in the assessing and reviewing of business decisions. We will be pleased to make available our expertise in setting up a cost control system.

Security and risk prevention solutions

The profound expertise of our partners specifically in East Europe, Russian speaking area, MENA and Afrika enable us to produce costumer adjusted deliverables in security assessment and risk monitoring. For Government institutions and NGO’s engaged in preventive work against religious fanaticism, we produce “radicalisation assessments” and“ coaching concepts for exit strategies “ based on established academic knowledge and the experience of partners with security operative background.

Cultural bringing

The cultural diversity of our experts is a highly valuable added value in our cross cultural trainings and in cultural awareness support for organisational change processes. In addition to the cultural aspects and the communication tools commonly delivered in the standard trainings available, our cross cultural awareness trainings are comprehensive build modules including an updated geo-political and economical contextualisation with a prospective insight in future development scenarios. The expected outcome of the final briefings is a strong analytical competence of the courses beneficiaries/ decision makers helping them engage well assessed future processes and take the right political or investment decisions related to a country or a regional framework.

Resilience and mental training

For athletes, managers and organisations we offer mental and resilience coaching to increase performance through methodic dealing with stress and high challenges.